We provide the services essential for e-commerce businesses. All duties are executed with great diligence to produce sales. We develop ecommerce strategies. We control and monitor performance of organic and paid searches, social media, ratings and reviews. We identify and predict pricing and visitor experience results.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer acquisition and retention is a 24-hour mission. Customers get service par excellence round the clock. We give training to our staff to learn how your business operates so that they can give informed responses to your clients’ requests, questions and comments.

Medical Billing

Keep up your business pace, we handle all billing matters with accuracy. We process all health-related transactions, calculate payments, and resolve issues with insurance companies. We update files daily to reflect all medical occurrences.

Insurance Providers

It is important that business service-agents respond to clients cordially. That’s why we qualify. Customers get gracious and professional service. More than skills, we learn the company so the clients get accurate answers and provide information. We spend the time tracking the money so you can focus on making money.

Real Estate

Your business is dependent on us and we happily and dutifully take on the responsibilities. Development, construction, standard management, acquisition, sales, and refinancing is a partial list of our capabilities. We schedule, follow up and manage all the paperwork. We are fully educated in all aspects of real-estate.

Back Office

When you need your business under control, we have what it takes to get it there. We offer data and project analysis and processing, as well as daily reports of business financials.  Payroll is on us too. Our clients appreciate the sense of freedom when handing over the workload to us.

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