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Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing is where you entrust some of your business tasks to be accomplished by a third-party company.

Superior Results - We hire a team that is proficient in your field and are generally self-sufficient. Minimize the time-consuming back and forth, leave the work on us and consider it done.

Time Saving - You train one worker and he has it videoed, he recruits a team and trains them in.

Money Smart - Less office space and cuts labor expenses drastically.

We have installed several protection software and security cameras to ensure transparency of the business. All business operations and information exchanges can be tracked and monitored.

Employees have to check in and check out to receive accurate worktime. You can reach any employee to verify and communicate about business operations.

We make the process go smoothly and all requests get immediate responses and get put into action. We hire workers who speak and write English well and our hires all have college degrees from English universities.

Yes because in Uzbekistan there are highly-qualified individuals with advanced level education with lower wages.

Prior to hiring an employee, besides for having a college degree in an English university, they go through a thorough testing to make certain that they meet the standards of Smartwork and qualify for the position. We expect discipline, professionalism and commitment from all employees.

By hiring remotely, you will find top employees who will stay with you for the long term. Secondly you will save time, energy and costs on training and adapting to new staff regularly. 

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